An Eterniti~N~Tha Making (2006)

Unrestricted: Up Close and Personal (2008)

Ellusion (2012)

Evolutionari (2017)

Euphoria (2019)

ThEEXXXperience (2020)



XX:X (2010)

Mister.E (2013)



Poet of the Year (2003) International Association of Poetic Acheivement

Mousai Awards (2013)

Storyteller of the Year (Stained Glass Window)

Best Male Hip Hop

Album of the Year (Ellusion)

Mousai Awards (2014)

Collective of the Year (Mer$iless Myndz)

Best Hip Hop Collaboration (Miles Bdeau and Eterniti: "Southern Fried")

SoAL Film Festival Music Video of the Year "Memory Lane"

2019 Arty Award Winner