The Eternal Realm: From Epiphani to Evolution  

Chapter I 

The Correlation 

In the Summer of 2016...on the 1 year anniversary of my Father's death I released "Epiphani: Since 1985." In an attempt to both remind people of what I could do and intro a new style. One that was a little darker, a little more serious all while still enjoying what I love to do. 

"I just got tired of poisoning my people..." "Poison" (Epiphani: Since 1985) That line is the foreshadowing of what's to come. A catalyst of sorts, the kickstart to what would promise to be more mature subject matter. Even the tracklist was selected to be a foreshadow. The E:S85 listing was as follows: 

Still Waiting 
How I Do 
Dying Slow 
Palm Trees 

All of which were meant to be introductions to the Evolutionari context. Still Waiting was for U.S.A., Vendetta was for Cognitive Dissonance, How I Do for Puppets, Profit for Glitter, Dying Slow for Clarity. Palm Trees for Pomp and Circumstance, and Unapologetic for Fine Print. 

In the following days (perhaps weeks) I will be breaking down the individual context and taking you on the journey that was #Evolutionari track by track but for sure to download the Free EP Epiphani: Since 1985 then head over to and cop the new album Evolutionari and see if you can envision the correlations outlined here. 

Until Next Time..

The State of The Eternal Realm: New Beginnings 

Awake...Elevate...Motivate...Top of the morning good people! 

First of all allow me to welcome you back into this thing called The Eternal Realm. I began these blog entries over 7 years ago when Facebook was simple and allowed you to make "Notes" (remember those?) I would make conscious efforts to publish my thoughts and people seemed to enjoy them for quite awhile. I was somewhere trapped between the Neo Soul & Crunk. Very Educated (until Knuck If You Buck came pounding out of the DJ's speakers at frat parties) and then I was just ready to wild out. 

Also a little over 7 years ago we elected our very first Black President and it brought a tear to many an eye. I watched Election night surrounded by my Grandmother, Mother, and Father and as we celebrated it felt like things may finally go just a tad bit better. As a Black man in America it brought Hope. I was promised change in a system that albeit has benefited me often hadn't done equal justice to many of the youth that I had grown up around. I grew up in a part of the city that was known for troublemakers yet somehow with the Grace of God (and the fear of my Mother) I remained in tact. Turning to poetry and music to express myself versus other lewd and often times criminal activity. I watched many a friend leave this place in search of better yet I chose to stay...more on that later... 

Fast forward to 2016 and we are once again on the eve of a Presidential Election yet this time instead of progress we have somehow stepped into a time warp and leaped back into 1965. It is almost as if Progress has met Regress and we as the United States have ended up in Mess. I don't watch much TV but as I've gotten older, and especially this year I have given most of my "television time" to three things. Wrestling, Politics, and Documentaries (the first is necessary to escape falling into a black hole of desolation.)  

Between watching 13th and a Ku Klux Klan documentary that just happened to speak on David Duke, who if you don't know is running for US Senate for the State of Louisiana and having a presser at one of the countries most prestigious HBCU's in Dillard University; as well as the Michael Donald case, a lynching that happened in the city I currently reside just 4 years before I was born. I was really getting to a point where I wanted to stay home on Election Day. 

As of this writing it is November 1st, as we move pass All Hallows Eve (the slowest one in the history of me being in my neighborhood) It made me take into account why there weren't as many kids in the neighborhood. Where was the Block Party? Where were the Trick or Treaters? I was reminded today... 

There's something much scarier than Clowns, Ghost, Goblins, and Ghouls in America...and that my friends is... 

Wait for it... 


We live in a time where tensions are at an all time high. The pulse of America is a breeding ground for hate and ignorance. One of our Presidential candidates has brought out tensions that have been dormant for far too long. Where Jim Crow ways of thinking have resurfaced and instead of the UKA (United Klans of Amerikkka) wearing sheets they have infiltrated law enforcement on all they no longer hide under hoods, but behind badges. Now before you go off and say that I hate cops, or that this is a cop bashing post. It is not...I know Police...really good men and women who take their duty and their badge of office very seriously. I was also reminded of today that the Justice system is a failure. It has failed once again when the facts don't add up and yet an Officer of the Law who has taken an Oath to Serve and Protect it's community and it's citizens gets off after killing yet another unarmed black man in America.  

As I watched the KKK Documentary I couldn't help but have mental flashbacks of everything CNN had shown me over the course of the last year. At every Donald Trump rally including the one in Mobile, AL. It was filled with hate, it was filled with the type of anger that was seen in the eyes of every red blooded, Confederate flag waiving, KKK member I had seen in that documentary. Donald Trump says he wants to "Make America Great Again" but what exactly does he mean by that... 

Back to Slavery? Segregation? His rhetoric is filled with anything but Progress and while I don't necessarily trust the Democratic nominee either when it comes to choosing the lesser of two Evils...well...there's nothing else to say. 

I have seen many a person say that they weren't going to vote...but please keep in mind that voting is more than just for the President of the United States. Your votes matter when it comes to your State and your City. If you are tired of injustice, take the time out of your day to make an impact in your community. While you may feel voting is pointless when it comes to your local leaders it is not. Do not be blind to the fact that they are counting on you to not vote. Show your city that you do care about it...put people in positions of power who deserve it. Not those who just want to feed you and give you a good show... 

Me personally I have watched this minstrel show for too long and I am sick of it...I know where I will be on November 8th...the real question you? 

Be inspired...Be Blessed! 


Eterniti teams up with Jinks Music Group and The Genesis Party to deliver Lese Majeste! 

This track was recorded at the Xcite Pool Hall and Lounge in Mobile, AL during a Genesis Party featuring Eterniti. All of the material (except for a guitar part or two) was recorded at the event.