"I want to stay on your mind so much, you people gon' get sick of me, even in your sleep I bet you dream the name Eterniti..." 
Eterniti  is known for being a "jack of all trades," who proudly represents Mobile, AL.  Outside of being a phenomenal lyricist; Eterniti is a poet, songwriter and producer. All who know Eterniti can say without a doubt his passion lies and runs deep for the arts. Being the gifted and prolific artist he is, Eterniti began writing at the enviable age of thirteen. Eterniti’s southern style combined with intellectual mind blowing lyrics, are often overlooked because of their complexity and play on words. Eterniti states, "I was always in love with writing, even in elementary school; I remember writing short stories and poems, it wasn't until I got to middle school that I began to write songs." 

Eterniti has been professionally writing and recording music since the age of fifteen. His unique and dynamic approach to music combined with captivating twisting lyrics are misunderstood by many in the music world due to their convoluted nature. Eterniti started his music career under the label Warrior Child Records, owned by his uncle who also served as both its' C.O.O. and artist. Eterniti's first album was recorded at Body Head Studios in Pensacola, FL. This to him was a start down the road of success. His first single, "That's The Way" featured a childhood friend of his parent's Mrs. Wanda Lewis and received seven months of consistent airplay on 92.9 WBLX in Mobile, AL by hometown DJ Nick at Nite. "That's The Way", told a love story of high school sweethearts was soon followed up by "Represent" featuring then label mate, A.B. and brought a totally different side of Eterniti to the forefront. 

"Represent," was that particular club anthem, everybody was able to vibe off. Eterniti states, "It was a rugged, anthem, simply for the streets, just something different." The song garnered much attention, however; a delayed album release of two years saw much of the momentum and heat that would've pushed Eterniti to the limelight placed everything on hold.  Eterniti reports, "The album was held off for so long that, by the time it came out the first two singles were old. It made it difficult to pick that steam back up." Despite facing some adversity, early album sales through cosignment deals went very well, selling out in five of the seven stores that carried the album and pushing 1,000 units in its' first week. Eterniti, being the determined and tenacious artist continued to promote "An Eterniti~N~Tha Making" for nearly two years before going back in the studio to record what looked to be a promising hit. 

"Bobblerock" was a dance song that fell along the time of what were a myriad of dance/snap songs and though he had hooked up once again with producer Timmy Fingerz the push behind the song just failed to cash in. Too much demise, it would be another two years before Eterniti got back in the studio. During this time, Eterniti began building a concept that he looked to launch of his own. This concept would be one, which would allow Eterniti to have freedom and control over his own music. Eterniti begin to work on his production gift and began Mer$iless Myndz Productions in 2009. 

From the rise of Mer$iless Myndz Productions, Eterniti would release his first full body of work in 2010 with Unrestricted: Up Close and Personal which was comprised entirely of tracks he produced himself and combined his love for hip hop and spoken word. The first single "Schitzophrenic" was meant to be a “play on words” in the media as a skit that was "phrenic" in pace, fooling the world with their images. This was a much different tone from Eterniti's first album. Unrestricted: Up Close and Personal was accompanied by another single and poem to be released "Infatuation" and the ever so popular "Candy Shop". This here would open up multiple options for Eterniti as he produced XX: X a compilation mix tape that would include several artist from across the United States along with the anticipated release of "Bobblerock." 

With Eterniti's contract with Warrior Child Records coming to a close, it was now time to reveal his growth as an artist. Armed with a new set of tracks produced once again by him, Eterniti set out to make an album of dynamic proportions. Feeling confident and unstoppable, Eterniti released Ellusion in 2012 with a combination of club songs, intellectual rants, and melodic tributes such titled "Lessons Learned;" a tribute to his mother, Judy who passed away in the middle of writing sessions for the album. The album's first single "Name Brands" offered a strip club anthem, something he hadn't tried before. "Name Brands" was succeeded with a grand total of four singles including, "Better Without You," "Stained Glass Window," and "Trust Issues." Ellusion with a smash mix tape Mister E., contained some of Eterniti's biggest hits today including "No Days Off," "Nine Eleven," and "Turn Me Up." Eterniti's video for "Memory Lane" (directed by Sharonda Harris-Marshall) won the South Alabama Film Festival Viewers Choice Award and launched his momentum beyond his first official year with Mer$iless Myndz. 
Fast forwarding to 2017, Eterniti released his fourth album "Evolutionari." An album he has wanted to make for four years.  "This album is what it is, Evolution.  I'm getting older so the subject matter that I was talking about at eighteen can't be the same material at thirty. I'm older, wiser, and I hope that with this album people will be able to see the growth." It boasted critical acclaim for it's singles "Fine Print"


In 2020, Eterniti released "TheEEXXXperience" and eclectic blend of poetry and hip hop displaying Mr Everlasting...his intimate persona but due to COVID 19 was reduced to three singles "Pandora's Box, Elixir, and Letter To My Lover" with a canceled tour

In 2022, Eterniti will release his 15th single "Focus" a track dedicated to the resurrection of sorts he has crafted after being iced for over 2 years due to the pandemic and his lead single for a slate of Signature Series collections that will be dropped throughout the year to celebrate Mer$iless Myndz 10 Year Anniversary..


No matter whether you just joined the Eternal Realm or you've been with us from the beginning the fact remains

"We're Listening...Are You?"



Eterniti faced some trials, but he is truly Everlasting...