The Eternal Realm: From Epiphani to Evolution

Chapter I 

The Correlation 

In the Summer of 2016...on the 1 year anniversary of my Father's death I released "Epiphani: Since 1985." In an attempt to both remind people of what I could do and intro a new style. One that was a little darker, a little more serious all while still enjoying what I love to do. 

"I just got tired of poisoning my people..." "Poison" (Epiphani: Since 1985) That line is the foreshadowing of what's to come. A catalyst of sorts, the kickstart to what would promise to be more mature subject matter. Even the tracklist was selected to be a foreshadow. The E:S85 listing was as follows: 

Still Waiting 
How I Do 
Dying Slow 
Palm Trees 

All of which were meant to be introductions to the Evolutionari context. Still Waiting was for U.S.A., Vendetta was for Cognitive Dissonance, How I Do for Puppets, Profit for Glitter, Dying Slow for Clarity. Palm Trees for Pomp and Circumstance, and Unapologetic for Fine Print. 

In the following days (perhaps weeks) I will be breaking down the individual context and taking you on the journey that was #Evolutionari track by track but for sure to download the Free EP Epiphani: Since 1985 then head over to and cop the new album Evolutionari and see if you can envision the correlations outlined here. 

Until Next Time..

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